Edition 2020 – Tasting

Given the health situation (Covid-19), the execution process of the CIWIB tasting has been adapted:

  • Isolation of the tasters gathered by tables (“virtual” tables and not “real” ones).
  • Anonymization of the wine samples into oenological flasks (250 ml).
  • Packaging of a box for each taster containing the samples to be tasted on the “virtual” table.
  • Delivery to tasters.
  • Home tasting (telework).
  • In order to guarantee the best organoleptic conditions, all the process (anonymization, packaging, delivery, tasting) has been done in less than 48 hours for each “virtual” table.
  • Compilation and consolidation of the notes from each “virtual” table.

By this way:

  • We have protected the tasters’ health.
  • We have preserved the interests and expectations of producers and distributors who had registered wines.

Preparation and anonymization of samples

Delivery to tasters

Home tasting

All the pictures

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