Edition 2021 – Winners of design

Of the 138 BIBs that won the “Best Wine In Box” wine competition, 7 were awarded in the “Best Dressed Wine In Box” design competition (the press release in French is available here) :

  • Palme d’or of the jury: Moncaro Italia Organic White.
  • Originality award (shape and color)
    • Gold metal: Le Grand 8 Tolosan rosé.
    • Silver metal: Opale coteaux d’Aix en Provence rosé.
  • Classical graphic design award
    • Gold medal: Domaine du Tariquet Classic.
    • Silver medal: Les trois vents blanc Auoro et rouge Agueil.
  • Original graphic design award
    • Gold medal: The Big Atlas Of Organic Wines.
    • Silver medal: Crudo Catarratto-Zibibbo.
Before the final selection, the jury pre-selected #40 BIBs (it was difficult to choose between these very well packaged BIBs)The designers’ jury with the winning BIBs

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