Edition 2022 – Tasting

The tasting morning of March 29th, 2022 was dedicated to tasting and evaluation of #390 wines by the juries of the contest (credit photo Andréa Davoust).

Welcoming participants

The official speeches

  • Anne-Marie ESTAMPE (Amelovin – Design & Organisation of the CIWIB)
  • Mehdi BESBES (Adelphe – Sponsor of the CIWIB)
  • Patrick VUCHOT (Smurfit Kappa – Sponsor of the CIWIB)
  • Christian CHERVIN / Benoit VAN DER REST (DNO Toulouse – Sponsor of the CIWIB)
Anne-Marie ESTAMPE


Patrick VUCHOT
Christian CHERVIN / Benoit VAN DER REST

The tasting session

The presentation of the tasted BIBs

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