Tasters – Participation in the jury

Terms of participation in the juries

You want to taste the wines presented at the contest? We would be happy to have you as part of one of our juries. To do so, you can pre-register here describing your profile and experience as a taster.

The day of the contest, we ask you:

  • to be punctual and arrive at the time which will be communicated to you during your registration confirmation,
  • to follow the instructions communicated by your jury president (oenologist),
  • to taste the presented wines (with independent spirit and without any bias),
  • to respect the anonymity of the wines until the end of all the tastings.

After the tasting session of the contest, all participants are invited to a cocktail dinner.

Main steps for the tasters

For the tasters, participation in the jury is a two-steps procedure.

Before March 4, 2024
Request for participation by using the pre-registration form available here.

Before March 18, 2024
Confirmation of participation to the tasters (selected by the contest organisation).

Other important dates for tasters

March 27, 2024: Contest day – Wine tasting in Toulouse.

March 28, 2024: The results are published on this website and other medias.